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Keçeci Piri Camii - Kececi Piri Mosque
Keçeci Piri Camii - Kececi Piri Mosque

Kececi Piri Mosque

Founded on the intersection of Sofali Cesme Avenue and Uzunyol Street, in the Fatih province the Kececi Piri Mosque is also known as Sarmasik Mosque or Abdulkadir Efendi Masjid.

Hirkai Serif Mh.
34091 Fatih / Istanbul

41.026478, 28.936178
Latitude: 41°1′35.32″N (41.026478)
Longitude: 28°56′10.24″E (28.936178)

Date Of Construction: 17th Century

Who built: Kececi Piri

Renovations: 1801

The Minaret: 1

How Many m²: 125 m²

How Many People: 250

The mosque had been built by Kececi Pir Aga, in 17th century. Even though the resources say the constructive of the mosque is Hadikada Kececi Pir Aga, some resources say it was Kazakasker Abdulkadir Efendi.

The minbar of the mosque had been installed during 1739-1749 by Muderris Ebu Tevfik Eyyub Efendi after his father’s will Ebu Eyyub Recep Efendi who was one of the Egyptian Muslim Judges. On the gravestone of Eyyub Efendi is written his son’s saying “Tarik-I tayyedup Eyyup Efendi gitti Ukbaya”. In the inscription of the mosque it is written that the mosque was renovated in 1899.

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