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Ahmet Çavuş Camii - Ahmet Cavus Mosque
Ahmet Çavuş Camii - Ahmet Cavus Mosque

Ahmet Cavus Mosque

Being one of the renowned architects who contributed the Ottoman architecture, Ahmet Pasa, matured in the company of the period’s head architects of the State Academy. He became the minister responsible from waterlines in 1595.

Beycegiz Mah.
Lodos Sk No:4
Fatih Merkez / Istanbul

41.026213, 28.942523
Latitude: 41°1′34.37″N (41.026213)
Longitude: 28°56′33.08″E (28.942523)

Date Of Construction: 17th Century

Who built: Ahmet Cavus

Renovations: 1988

The Minaret: 1

How Many People: 120

Besides being an achitect, he was known with his mother of pearl embrcideries (sedefkarlık). After the death of Davut Pasa he became the Master Builder of the State Academy. He became the Grand Seigneur afterwards and died on duty over Ulubat Bridge where he went to prevent Kalenderoglu rebellion.

During the time he served as the master Builder, the Tomb of Mehmet III, a large part of Topkapi Palace (sultan hammams the rocms for sultana, servants, halberdiers and infirmary) Galatasaray and Ibrahim Pasa Palace, the tomb of Sinan Pasa along with many mosques (Fethiye Mosque), hammams, and piers were built. The mosque built for his name, Ahmet Cavus Mosque is in the District of Fatih but unfortunately the Architect of the mosque is not known.

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