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Arpacılar Camii - Arpacilar Mosque
Arpacılar Camii - Arpacilar Mosque

Arpacilar Mosque

HH. Sheikh Mehmet Geylani and HH. Ali Geylani who attended conquest of Istanbul had this mosque built that is also known as “Masjid of Sheikh Mehmed Geylani,” and “Maslid of Bursa” in the first years after the conquest.

Rüstem Pasa Mh.
34116 Fatih / Istanbul

41.016476, 28.973154
Latitude: 41°0′59.31″N (41.016476)
Longitude: 28°58′23.35″E (28.973154)

Date Of Construction: 1453

Who built: Seyh Mehmet Geylani, Seyh Ali Geylani

Renovations: 1986

The Minaret: 1

The mosque was built over the land given to HH. Sheikh Geylani as property. Ruined in time, Sultan Mahmud II had it rebuilt a new from the ground in 1830. Being really different from that of the classical mosques, it has a structure reminiscent of a villa.

The mosque that has high Windows does not have a minaret. The tombs of the first benefactors Sheikh Mehmed Geylani and Ali Geylani are in downstairs in the wide windowed section. The mosque underwent several other repairs in the following years.

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