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Did You Know?

Earthquake scale / What is scale stone?

There are cylinder marble scales placed to four bores in two corners of mosques in Ottoman Architecture in order to detect whether mosque is harmed due to earthquake or landslide and there is any damage in building. These marble cylinders are placed vertically into bores and if marble doesn’t rotate …

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Why are there no any spider web or insects in historical mosques?

We do we not meet any spider in Selatin Mosques which are among the most important masterpieces of Ottoman architecture? Our ancestors have discovered that odor of ostrich egg disturbed spiders and similar small insects and used this in our architecture. They have mixed inside egg in mortar and placed …

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7 Hills of Istanbul

Which are seven hills of Istanbul? Where are they? We would like to tell which and where are 7 Hills of Istanbul so often mentioned in words and texts. 1. Hill: Topkapı Palace, 2. Hill: Nuruosmaniye Mosque, 3. Hill: Süleymaniye Mosque, 4. Hill: Fatih Mosque, 5. Hill: Yavuz Sultan Selim …

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Four Spiritual Guardians of Bosporus

Aziz Mahmud Hüdai Efendi Mosque Yusha Hill and Yusha Prophet Yahya Efendi Mosque

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