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Historic Mosques

Yusha Hill and Yusha Prophet

Hz. Yuşa Camii ve Türbesi - Yusha Hill and Yusha Prophet

Yusha Hill and Yusha Prophet Yusha Hill and Yusha Prophet: Yusha Hill is the closest to and the highest hill of the Bosphorus. The tomb of Yusha and the mosque named after him were pleasantly situated on top of the hill overlooking the Black Sea and the Bosphorus. The Yusha …

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Yerebatan Mosque

Yerebatan Camii - Yerebatan Mosque

The mosque was built for Mehmet Han who was the “head accompanier” (Satırcıbasi) of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the year 1465. It was later renewed for Uskubi (of Skopje) Ibrahim Aga in 1491. Address: Alemdar Mahallesi 34110 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.009093,28.97739 Latitude: 41°0’32.73¨N (41.009093) Longitude: 28°58’38.6¨E (28.97739) Date Of …

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Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque

Yavuz Sultan Selim Camii - Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque

Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque History Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque: The mosque from which the locality derives its name is located in Fatih was built by Suleiman the Magnificent in the name of his son Selim I on the fifth hill of seven hills of Istanbul which overlooks Golden Horn. The …

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Yavasca Sahin Mosque

Yavaşça Şahin Camii - Yavasca Sahin Mosque

Yavasca Sahin Mosque History Yavasca Sahin Mosque: It is located on Uzuncarsi Avenue in Fatih. According to Hadika the establisher of the mosque which was constructed during the period of Mehmet II (The Conqueror) is Yavasca Sahin who had been involved in the conquest of Istanbul. Address: Tahtakale Mah. 34200 …

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Uc Mihrapli Mosque

Üç Mihraplı Camii - Uc Mihrapli Mosque

Uc Mihrapli Mosque History Uc Mihrapli Mosque: Situated on the Unkapani Road, in a place called Kucukpazar, Uc Mihrapli Mosque with the features it possesses is a quite interesting mosque. The benefactor of the mosque is Hoca Hayrettin Efendi who tutored Fatih Sultan Mehmet in time. Address: Yavuz Sinan Mh. …

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Semsi Ahmet Pasha Mosque

Şemsi Ahmet Paşa Camii - Semsi Ahmet Pasha Mosque

Semsi Ahmet Pasha Mosque With is interesting position right by the seashore, its mass effectand composition, Sinan was able to create an original Kulliye (religious architecural complex) design, specifically adapted to the seashore. Despite its small size, the mosque has a remarkable appearance, with its adjacent mausoleum the courtyard according …

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Selcuk Sultan Mosque

Selçuk Sultan Camii - Selcuk Sultan Mosque

The dauhter of Sultan Celebi Mehmet, Selcuk Hatun had this mosque built during the sultanate of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. The mosque is also known with the names “Selcuk Hatun Mosque,” “Abbas Aga Mosque,” and “Tahta Minare Mosque.” Address: Molla Gürani Mh. 34093 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.011158,28.944439 Latitude: 41°0’40.17¨N (41.011158) …

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Sehzade Mosque

Şehzade Camii - Sehzade Mosque

Sehzade Mosque History This mosque was dedicated to one of the Princes of Suleyman the Magnificent, who died young: Sehzade Mehmet, the son of Suleyman and Hurrem was born in 1521 and died in 1543. Some believe that Sinan, was building it for Suleyman, but, experimenting with the weight of …

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Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar

Mihrimah Sultan Camii - Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar History Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar: Ordered by the daughter of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, it is part of a complex which is masterfully integrated into a sloping site which reaches down to the sea shore and includes a madrasah, a guesthouse, a refection hail, a primary school …

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Hoca Pasa Mosque

It is situated in Sirkeci, at the junction of Ibni Kemal and Hoca PAsa Roads. The original name of the mosque is Masjid of Hoca Uveys. It got its name from the Hoca Uveys bin Kevser who had the mosque built. Address: Hoca Pasa Mahallesi 34110 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: …

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