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Zehkeri Kemal Mosque

Zehkeri Kemal Camii - Zehkeri Kemal Mosque

This masjid is located on Vani Dergah Street at Uzun Yusuf district. Its founder was Seyyid Kemaleddin whose grave is now in front of the Mihrab of the mosque. Address: Seyyid Omer Mh. 34098 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.009378, 28.929340 Latitude: 41°0′33.76″N (41.009378) Longitude: 28°55′45.62″E (28.92934) Date Of Construction: 16th …

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Yusuf Sucaeddin Mosque

Yusuf Şucaattin Camii - Yusuf Sucaeddin Mosque

It is in Vapur Iskelesi Street at in Balat, Its constructor is Yusuf Sucaeddin of scholars of Fatih Period. The pulpit of the mosque of which the date of construction is unknown was put by Ismail Efendi, who was the administrator. Address: Ayvansaray Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.034597, …

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Veledi Karabas Mosque

Veledi Karabaş Camii - Veledi Karabas Mosque

It is located on Aynali Bakkal Street at Mevlanakapi. It was constructed on the order of Haci Mahmut Efendi for his own name. Haci Mahmut Efendi was the son of Sheikh Abdurrahman Efendi who was the founder of Karabas Mosque in Hirkai Serif. Address: Mevlanakapı Mh. 34104 Fatih/İstanbul Coordinate: 41.010565, …

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Ucbas Mosque

Üçbaş Camii - Ucbas Mosque

Ucbas Mosque History Ucbas Mosque: It was built in 1532 for the benefactor named Ataullahoglu Nureddin Hamza who east while worked as a Cadi in Amasya. Address: Atikali Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.025013, 28.943000 Latitude: 41°1′30.05″N (41.025013) Longitude: 28°56′34.8″E (28.943) Date Of Construction: 1532-1533 Who built: Nureddin Hamza …

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Tavasi Suleyman Aga Mosque

Tavaşi Süleyman Ağa Camii - Tavasi Suleyman Aga Mosque

Tavasi Suleyman Agha had this mosque, which is situated in the Neighbourhood of Kumkapi, in Babayigit Street, built in the 17th century and he is buried here. Information about Tavasi Suleyman Agha is limited in the sources. Address: Muhsine Hatun Mh. 34130 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.003738, 28.963469 Latitude: 41°0′13.46″N …

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Tahta Minare Mosque

Tahta Minare Camii - Tahta Minare Mosque

This mosque, situated in Balat, Vodina Road, in the Quarter of Tahta Minare is among the foundations of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Fatih had it built in the year 1458. (Wooden Minaret Mosque) Address: Balat Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.031663, 28.948385 Latitude: 41°1′53.99″N (41.031663) Longitude: 28°56′54.19″E (28.948385) Date Of …

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Sormagir Mosque

Sormagir Camii - Sormagir Mosque

Debbagzade Hajji Huseyin Effendi who was the majordomo of Sheikh al-lslam had this mosque, which is also known with the names “Masjid of Debbagzade” and “Debbagzade Haci Huseyin Kethuda Mosque” built. Since the benefactor of the mosque passed away in 1718. Address: Kunye Seyyid Omer Mh. 34098 Fatih / Istanbul …

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Sinan Aga Mosque

Sinan Ağa Camii - Sinan Aga Mosque

The mosque was built for Sinan Aga who was the bailee for the building of Fatih Mosque. His tomb resides in front of the mosque’s mihrab. From the mosque which is a work of Fatih Sultan Mehmet period, only a piece of the tomb, the Madrasa of Damat Mehmet Efendi …

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Seyyid Omer Mosque

Seyit Ömer Camii - Seyyid Omer Mosque

Horse attendant of Sultan Bayezid-i Veli, Omer bin Seyyid Fahreddin Effendi had this mosque built in the year 1491. Its deed of trust is dated to 1497. The mosgue remained in ruins for years until it was rebuilt by the Association of Monuments of. Address: Seyyid Omer Mh. 34098 Fatih …

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Semi Molla Mosque

Şemi Molla Camii - Semi Molla Mosque

Ahmed Efendi, majordomo of Grand Vizier Has Murat Pasha, had Sem’i Molla Mosque that is located in the vicinity of Cerrahpasa built in the year 1533. Therefore “Ahmet Kethuda (Majordomo) Mosque” is the other name the mosque is known in the society. Address: Aksaray Mh. 34096 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: …

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