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Sekbancibasi Yakup Aga Mosque

Sekbanbaşı Yakup Ağa Camii - Sekbanbasi Yakup Aga Mosque

The mosque, which was originally built for Sekbanbasi Yakup Aga, -one of the commanders of Fatih Sultan Mehmet period, got its final shape in the 19th century. Address: Mimar Kemalettin Mh. 34130 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.009061, 28.960931 Latitude: 41°0′32.62″N (41.009061) Longitude: 28°57′39.35″E (28.960931) Date Of Construction: Who built: Fatih’s …

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Sari Beyazit Mosque

Sarı Beyazıt Camii - Sari Beyazit Mosque

A Scholar of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Period. Sari Bayezid had this mosque built which located over Kucuk Pazar (Little Bazaar). on the road of Sari Bayezid in 1460. Agha of Darussaade (House of Felicity), Maktul Besir Aga had its minbar put. Address: Hoca Gıyasettin Mh. 34134 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: …

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Sarac Ishak Mosque

Saraç İshak Camii - Sarac Ishak Mosque

Haci Sarac (Hajji Saddler) Ishak bin Abdullah had this mosque built. Exact date of its construction is not known, however, since the benefactor passed away in the year 1487, it is supposed to have been built before this year during the sultanate of Bayezid II. Address: Sarac Ishak Mh. 34130 …

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Sadi Kazgani Mosque

Sadi Kazgani Camii - Sadi Kazgani Mosque

The benefactor of the mosque, which is also called as the Masjid of Kazganci or Kazgani Sadi Mosque, is Sadi Mehmet Effendi who was head coppersmith of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Address: Molla Gurani Mh. 34093 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.010741, 28.946474 Latitude: 41°0′38.67″N (41.010741) Longitude: 28°56′47.31″E (28.946474) Date Of Construction: …

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Pirincci Sinan Mosque

Pirinççi Sinan Camii - Pirincci Sinan Mosque

This mosque was built by Haji Sinan Aga (d.1504). the Chicf Brazier of Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror ( 1451 – 1481). Pirinççi Sinan Masjid, of which are a deed of trust and a neighbourhood, was reconstructed after the catastrophes where by it had burnt and been demolished. The name of …

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Odun Yaricizade Mosque

Oduncu Yarıcızade Camii - Odun Yaricizade Mosque

The benefactor of the mosque is that is situaıed in Balat, in the ûuarter of Ayvansaray, on Pastirmaci Ramp is Mehmed oğlu’ (son of Mehmed) Haci Mustafa Hulisi. Address: Ayvansaray Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.033133, 28.943172 Latitude: 41°1′59.28″N (41.033133) Longitude: 28°56′35.42″E (28.943172) Date Of Construction: Unknown Who built: …

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Nalbant Mosque

Nalbant Camii - Nalbant Mosque

Ishak Efendi, one ot the surgeons of Fatih Sultan Mehmet period, had this mosque built, Kazancı Kulu Yusuf Sinanuddin Efendi who served as the Cadı of Baghdad and as a muderris (professor) at the Madrasah of Sahn-i Sernan and who died in the year 1600, had it repaired in later …

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Mustafa Cavus Mosque

Mustafa Çavuş Camii - Mustafa Cavus Mosque

Mustafa Cavus Mosque is a Byzantium church which was turned into mosque by Mustafa Cavus who was one of the sergeants and servants of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han after the conquest of Istanbul. The mosque, also known as ‘Monestry Chapel’ and ‘Church Chapel’ was built in 13th century. Address: Sehremini …

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Muhtesip Iskender Mosque

Muhtesip İskender Camii - Muhtesip Iskender Mosque

Iskender Aga, one of Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s accountants and tax officers, had this mosque built. Exact date of its construction is not known. Address: Hirkai Serif Mh. 34091 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.022935, 28.939671 Latitude: 41°1′22.57″N (41.022935) Longitude: 28°56′22.82″E (28.939671) Date Of Construction: 1505 Who built: Iskender Aga Renovations: 1834 …

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Muhsine Hatun Mosque

Muhsine Hatun Camii - Muhsine Hatun Mosque

Muhsine Hatun Mosque History Muhsine Hatun Mosque: Muhsine Hatun, wife of Grand Vizier Makbul (Maktul) Ibrahim Pasha had this mosque built to Mimar Koca Sinan in 1532. The name of the structure is mentioned in the boks. Address: Sarac Ishak Mh. 34130 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.005379, 28.963217 Latitude: 41°0′19.36″N …

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