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Molla Seref Mosque

Molla Şeref Camii - Molla Seref Mosque

It is located in Molla Seref Neighborhood which also includes Haseki Hospital on the south bench Millet Avenue in Findikzade. The mosque was constructed upon the order of Şerafeddin b. Kemaleddinü’l-Kırımî, one of the prominent scholars of the period of Mehmet II (The Conqueror). Address: Molla Gurani Mh. 34093 Fatih …

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Molla Husrev Kucuk Mustafapasa Mosque

Molla Hüsrev Camii - Molla Husrev Mosque

It is or Kucuk Mustafa Pasha Avenue in Fatih. Its constructive is Molla Husrev Mehmet Efendi (died in 1480) who is one of the leading scholars and snaykh al-islams of the reign of Mehmet II (The Conqueror) (1451-1481). Address: Yavuz Sultan Selim Mh. 34083 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.026376, 28.955826 …

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Mismarci Mosque

Mismarcı Şücaeddin Camii -Mismarci Sucaeddin Mosque

The mosque is in the parish of Hatip Muslihiddin in Fener. The mosque, which gave its name to the street it is located, was built upon the order of Mismarcı Yusuf Sucaeddin before 1500. (Mismarcı Sucaeddin Mosque, Ekserci Mosque, Mismarcı Yusuf Sucaeddin Mosque) Address: Balat Mh. 34083 Fatih / Istanbul …

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Mesnevihane Mosque

Mesnevihane Camii - Mesnevihane Mosque

It is located on Mesnevihane Steat Tevkii Cafer District. As it is understood from the inscription on its door, the mosque was contructed on the order of Sheihk Mehmet Murat Efendi, in 1844. Address: Balat Mh. 34087 Fatih/İstanbul Coordinate: 41.028787, 28.948911 Latitude: 41°1′43.63″N (41.028787) Longitude: 28°56′56.08″E (28.948911) Date Of Construction: …

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Mercan Aga Mosque

Mercan Ağa Camii - Mercan Aga Mosque

It is situated in Mercan, between Oruculer Street and Tigcilar Street, it is called Oruculer Mosque as well. The benefactor of the mosque is not known for sure. Address: Beyazit Mh. 34126 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.012458, 28.967507 Latitude: 41°0′44.85″N (41.012458) Longitude: 28°58′3.03″E (28.967507) Who built: Darü’ssaade Agası Renovations: 1950 …

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Melek Hatun Mosque

Melek Hatun Camii - Melek Hatun Mosque

Benefactress of Melek Hatun Mosque is Melek Hatun. It is located in the vicinity of Mevlanakapi, Ouarter of Melek Hatun, on Melek Cesme Street. Address: Mevlanakapi Mh. 34104 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.015032, 28.923062 Latitude: 41°0′54.12″N (41.015032) Longitude: 28°55′23.02″E (28.923062) Date Of Construction: 15th Centruy Who built: Melek Hatun Renovations: …

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Mehmet Aga Mosque

Mehmet Ağa Camii - Mehmet Aga Mosque

Mehmet Aga Mosque is situated in the District of Beycegiz in the street named after the mosque. It was built for Haci Mehmed Aga in 1585. He was a high rank officer in the palace responsible from harem and the commander and the palace halberdiers. Address: Atikali Mh. 34087 Fatih …

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Kumrulu Mosque

Kumrulu Camii - Kumrulu Mosque

It is situated in the District of Fatih, at the junction of Yavuz Selim Road and Mustakimzade Street. It was built for Mimar Sinan-i Atik who passed away in 1471. Address: Atikali Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.023731, 28.946368 Latitude: 41°1′25.43″N (41.023731) Longitude: 28°56′46.92″E (28.946368) Date Of Construction: 1464 …

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Kececi Piri Mosque

Keçeci Piri Camii - Kececi Piri Mosque

Founded on the intersection of Sofali Cesme Avenue and Uzunyol Street, in the Fatih province the Kececi Piri Mosque is also known as Sarmasik Mosque or Abdulkadir Efendi Masjid. Address: Hirkai Serif Mh. 34091 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.026478, 28.936178 Latitude: 41°1′35.32″N (41.026478) Longitude: 28°56′10.24″E (28.936178) Date Of Construction: 17th …

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Kasim Celebi Mosque

Kasım Çelebi Camii - Kasim Celebi Mosque

Kasim Celebi Mosque is situated in the District of Cambaziye, on Kocamustafapasa alay Imam Street. Its architect and the exact date of its construction are not known. Address: Silivri Kapi Mh. 34107 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.003871, 28.924640 Latitude: 41°0′13.94″N (41.003871) Longitude: 28°55′28.7″E (28.92464) Date Of Construction: 16th Century Who …

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