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Kasap Ilyas Mosque

Kasap İlyas Camii - Kasap Ilyas Mosque

The mosque had been constructed by and named after Kasap Ilyas. He is buried in the graveyard next to the mihrab. The mosque was built right before his endowment that he made in 1495. Address: Cerrah Pasa Mh. 34098 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.003755, 28.943733 Latitude: 41°0′13.52″N (41.003755) Longitude: 28°56′37.44″E …

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Karaki Huseyin Celebi Mosque

Karaki Hüseyin Çelebi Camii - Karaki Huseyin Celebi Mosque

It is located in the Ouarter of Hoca Pasa, Sirkeci on Hudavendigar Road. The real name of Karaki Huseyin Celebi Mosque, which is also known as Salkim Sogut (Weeping Willow) Mosque, is Kara Kadi. Address: Hoca Pasa Mh. 34110 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.013109, 28.977743 Latitude: 41°0′47.19″N (41.013109) Longitude: 28°58′39.87″E …

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Kara Nohut Mosque

Kara Nohut Camii - Kara Nohut Mosque

He is at the point where Nakibu-l Esraf Street and Sari Musa Street cross in f Molla Seref Neighborhood. It was constructed upon the order of Suca Aga who was Dokumcubasi* and a prominent figure of the Period of Suleiman the Magnificent. Address: Molla Gurani Mh. 34093 Fatih / Istanbul …

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Kapi Agasi Mahmut Aga Mosque

Kapı Ağası Mahmut Ağa Camii - Kapi Agasi Mahmut Aga Mosque

Kapi Agasi Mahmut Aga Mosque History Kapi Agasi Mahmut Aga Mosque: The mosque that is situated near Ahirkapi, in Fenerli Street is also known as “Aga Mosque.” The architect of the mosque, which was built for Agha of Babu’s-saade (gate of felicity) Mahmut Agha, is Mimar Sinan. Address: Sultan Ahmet …

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Iskender Celebi Mosque

İskender Çelebi Camii - Iskender Celebi Mosque

Debbag (tanner) Iskender Celebi had the Iskender Celebi Mosque that is also known as Agackakan Mosque built in 16th century. Exact date of its construction is not known. Address: Sumbul Efendi Mh. 34107 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.003043, 28.925307 Latitude: 41°0′10.95″N (41.003043) Longitude: 28°55′31.11″E (28.925307) Date Of Construction: 16th Century …

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Iskender Aga Mosque

İskender Ağa Camii - Iskender Aga Mosque

Iskender Aga Mosque is located at the crossroads of Karanfilli Street and Iskender Aga Street in Sehremini locality of Fatih County in Istanbul. Address: Sehremini Mh. 34104 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.015738, 28.928073 Latitude: 41°0′56.66″N (41.015738) Longitude: 28°55′41.06″E (28.928073) Date Of Construction: 16th Century Who built: Iskender Aga Renovations: 1963 …

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Ishak Pasha Mosque

İshak Paşa Camii - Ishak Pasha Mosque

Ishak Pasa, one of the Grand Viziers of 15th century was originally a Greek who was educated in Enderun “the palace school” as a Muslim and had ascended the Grand Vizierate from treasurership during the reign of Sultan Murat II. Address: Cankurtaran Mh. 34122 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.006442, 28.981596 …

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Ibrahim Cavus Mosque

İbrahim Çavuş Camii - Ibrahim Cavus Mosque

Ibrahim Cavus Mosque History Ibrahim Cavus Mosque: It was built for Ibrahim Cavus from the Spahi by Mimar Sinan in the 16th century. It was used as a storehouse during the World War I. The mosque, which was already in ruins, was entirely collapsed and vanished during the 1920s. Address: …

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Hoca Uveyz Mosque

Hoca Üveyz Camii - Hoca Uveyz Mosque

It was built for Haci Uveys bin Kayser at the end of 15th century. Haci Uveys bin Kayser’s, who lived during the sultanate of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, being the benefactor of the mosque is understood from the Foundation records. Address: Aksemseddin Mh. 34091 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.020340, 28.944400 Latitude: …

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Hoca Kasim Gunani Mosque , Meydancik

Hoca Kasım Günani Camii - Hoca Kasim Gunani Mosque

The constructive of the mosque, which dates back to the period of Mehmet II, is Hodja Kasim Gunani who was a schotar of his time. As it is written on the tablet on the main gate, the mosque was restored in 1838 The mosque is known as Hasan Hüseyin Mascid …

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