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Hoca Ali Mosque

Hoca Ali Camii - Hoca Ali Mosque

It is situated in Balat, in the Quarter of Molla Aski, in Samdancibasi Street. Hoca Ali Celebi had it built for himself with his name. Sultan Selim II had its minbar put. Thus, the mosque is supposed to have been built in the 16th century. Address: Ayvansaray Mh. 34087 Fatih …

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Hizir Cavus Mosque

Hızır Çavuş Camii - Hizir Cavus Mosque

Hizir Aga, a foreman of Fatih Sultan Mehmet period, had this mosque built which is located in Balat, on Mescid Street in the Ouarter of Hizir Cavus. Very first construction date of the mosque is not known. Address: Balat Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.031851, 28.946209 Latitude: 41°1′54.66″N (41.031851) …

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Hirami Ahmet Pasa Mosque

Hirami Ahmet Paşa Camii - Hirami Ahmet Pasa Mosque

The mosque, also known with the names of Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Chunch Mosque, was converted into mosque by Hirami Ahmet Pasha in 1590 while it was a 12th century Byzantine church of which actual name is unknown. Address: Balat Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.027915, 28.945887 Latitude: 41°1′40.49″N …

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Harbi Mosque

Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who entered the city from Topkapi after the conquest, prayed the prayer of the time in this district and in this connection Satiri Killi Yusuf Aga had this historically important small masjid built here. Address: Topkapi Mh. 34093 Fatih/İstanbul Coordinate: 41.020487, 28.926923 Latitude: 41°1′13.75″N (41.020487) Longitude: 28°55′36.92″E …

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Hamami Muhiddin Mosque

Muhiddin Hamami is the benefactor of the mosque that is located where the Draman overlooks the Halic. Hamami is entombed in front of the mihrab. The construction date of the mosque is unclear but it is understood that it had been constructed before 1501 AD, which is the foundation date. …

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Hafiz Ahmet Pasa Mosque

It is located between Fatih Avenue and Hafiz Pasha Street in Kucukkaraman in Fatih. It was constructed along with Madrasah, Daru’l Kurra and Public Fountain in 1595 upon the order of Hafiz Ahmet Pasha who was the Sadaret Governor and Grand Vizier of Murat IV. Address: Ali Kuscu Mh. 34083 …

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Hadim Ibrahim Pasa Mosque

Hadım İbrahim Paşa Camii - Hadim Ibrahim Pasa Mosque

Hadim Ibrahim Pasa Mosque History Hadim Ibrahim Pasa Mosque: It was built for Hadim Ibrahim Pasha in 1551 by Mimar Sinan. The exterior walls of the mosque lie along the Silivrikapi Road. It was originally built as a Kulliye but only the mosque can make it until today. Address: Silivri …

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Haci Hasan Mosque

Hacı Hasan Camii - Haci Hasan Mosque

It was built fort he ‘Rumelian Kazasker Mehmet Efendi who was the grandson of Haci Hasan, Exact date of its construction is not known. Its deed of truct was arranged in 1505 with the signature of Mevlana Abdurrahman bin Aliyy’ul Mueyyed. Address: Zeyrek Mh. 34083 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.021052, …

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Haci Ferhat Aga Mosque

Hacı Ferhat Ağa Camii - Haci Ferhat Aga Mosque

It was built in the year 1532. The benefactor of the mosque is Ferhat Pasha who served as the Grand Vizierate in the Ottoman State. Being orihinally an Albanian. Address: Cibali Mh. 34083 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.023218, 28.955408 Latitude: 41°1′23.58″N (41.023218) Longitude: 28°57′19.47″E (28.955408) Date Of Construction: 1532 Who …

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Haci Evhad Mosque

Hacı Evhad Camii - Haci Evhad Mosque

Haci Evhad Mosque Hisory Haci Evhad Mosque, which is situaled on the Haci Evhaddin Road, was built by Mimar Sinan in 1575 for Haci Evhaddin who was one of the chief butchers of the era. It was like a small kulliye with its dervish lodge, Turkish bath and fountains. However, …

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