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Geylani Mosque

Geylani Camii - Geylani Mosque

The mosque, also known as ‘Ceytani Tekkesi Mosque’ was built to by Hacı , İbrahim Ethem El-Hasanu’l Hussein Bin Hafız Mehmet Efendi in 1894. The mosque of which first mihrab was built as wooden curving outside became a ruin within time. Address: Kerpichane Sk No:6 Sehremini / Fatih Coordinate: 41.015406, …

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Fuat Pasa Mosque

Fuat Paşa Camii - Fuat Pasa Mosque

Keçecizade Fuat Pasa graduated from the faculty of medicine. Fuat Pasa who was brought to critical posts from time to time, served as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs during the most critical time of Crimean War and was presend during the negotiations of Paris Peace Treaty. Adress: Binbirdirek Mh., 34122 …

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Fethiye Mosque

Fethiye Camii - Fethiye Mosque

Fethiye Mosque was the church of a Byzantine monastery which had the name of Pammakaristos (very happy). They monastery was constructed upon the order of Protostrotos Mikhael Glabas Tarkhaniotes who was the nephew of Emperor Mikhael VIII in 1292 – 1294, Address: Balat Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.029033, …

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Ferruh Kethuda Mosque

Ferruh Kethüda Camii - Ferruh Kethuda Mosque

Ferruh Kethuda Mosque Ferruh Kethuda Mosque: Ferruh Aga, steward of Grand Vizier Semih Ali Pasha, had this mosque built in 1562. Koca Sinan is the architect of the mosque which was also used as the “tevhidhane” of the dervish lodge. Address: Ayvansaray Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.034517, 28.945649 …

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Dizdariye Mosque

Dizdariye Camii - Dizdariye Mosque

The construction of the mosque which was built for Mehmet b. İbrahim es- Said in 1505 continued six months. The name of the benefactor is mentioned on a plate in the garden (Hadika) as Janissary Master Mehmet Said b. İbrahim. Address: Binbirdirek Mh. 34122 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.006094, 28.971667 …

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Dibekli Emin Bey Mosque

Dibekli Emin Bey Camii - Dibekli Emin Bey Mosque

Emin bin Abdulah had the mosque, which is also known as “Dibekli Mosque,” built. Its deed of trust is dated 1464. Although Hadika stated that Emin Bey was the construction official of Beyazid Mosque who passed away and buried into the graveyard in 1513, the whereabouts of his grave is …

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Davut Pasa Mosque

Davut Paşa Camii - Davut Pasa Mosque

Davut Pasha, whose exact date of birth and place are not known, was educated in the Enderun School. He was assigned as the Grand Seignior of Anatolia during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet (1451-1481). Address: Cerrah Paşa Mh. 34098 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.006568, 28.937719 Latitude: 41°0′23.64″N (41.006568) Longitude: …

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Cerrah Mehmet Pasa Mosque

Cerrah Mehmetpaşa Camii- Cerrah Mehmet Pasa Mosque

Cerrah Mehmet Pasha, who served as the palace surgeon during the sultanates of Sultan Murad III and Sultan Mehmet III had Cerrah Mehmet Pasa Mosque built in 1593 in the vicinity that is also named after him, Cerrah Mehmet Pasa. Address: Aksaray Mh. 34096 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.007932, 28.944865 …

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Cebecibasi Mosque

Cebecibaşı Camii - Cebecibasi Mosque

The mosque, which is on Cebecibasi Mescidi Street, was built upon the order of Cebecibasi Sucaaddin Aga who was the commander of a military division during the reign of Bayezid II (1447-1512). Address: Balat Mh. 34083 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.027287, 28.949004 Latitude: 41°1′38.23″N (41.027287) Longitude: 28°56′56.41″E (28.949004) Date Of …

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Burmali Mosque

Burmalı Camii - Burmali Mosque

The mascid, which is in Senzadebasi, was built in 1497 upon the order of Emin Nurettin Osman Efendi, who was a qadi in Egypt. It is the only mosque with a wreathed minaret. The pedestal is heptagonic and made of cut-stone. It is wholly covered with single-roof. It was built …

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