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Bodrum Mosque

Bodrum Camii - Bodrum Mosque

Situated in Laleli, in the Ouarter of Mesih Pasa, this mosque is actually an old Byzantine monastary church. It is thought that this structure was built in the 10th century as the church of Mireteion Monastery that was founded by Romanos I Lekapenos who was the coemperor with Constantine VII …

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Beycegiz Mosque

Beyceğiz Camii - Beycegiz Mosque

Beycegiz Mosque was constructed in the year 1473. The benefactor of the mosque is known as Mehmet Bet however, in the Registry Book of Istanbul Foundations the name of the benefactor passes as “Kasim Celebiyy’üs-Sehiri bi-İbni Begcugez.” Address: Atikali Mh. 34087 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.025914, 28.946264 Latitude: 41°1′33.29″N (41.025914) …

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Bekir Pasa Mosque

Bekir Paşa Camii - Bekir Pasa Mosque

Bekir Pasha had this mosque built to Architect Hafiz Ahmet Effendi. Exact date of its construction is not known. The walls of the mosque are bonded out of bricks and stones whereas the ceiling is wooden with tiles ,covering the roof. Adress: Seyyid Omer Mh. 34098 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: …

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Basci Mahmut Bey Mosque

Başcı Mahmut Camii - Basci Mahmut Mosque

It is located in Haseki, Cevdet Pasa Street, near Haseki Education Centre. The masjid whose exact construction date is not known was built during the sultanate of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Address: Haseki Sultan Mh. 34096 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.009640, 28.940642 Latitude: 41°0′34.7″N (41.00964) Longitude: 28°56′26.31″E (28.940642) Date Of Construction: …

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Bali Pasha Mosque

Balipaşa Camii - Bali Pasha Mosque

Bali Pasha Mosque History Bali Pasha Mosque: It was started to be built for Bali Pasha, one of the viziers of Sultan Bayezid ll (1481-1512) however, it was finished by his spouse Huma Hatun due to his death in 1495. Address: Aksemseddin Mh. 34091 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.019081, 28.943865 …

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Bala Suleyman Aga Mosque

Bala Süleyman Ağa Camii - Bala Suleyman Aga Mosque

Bala Suleyman Aga Mosque and its Kulliye (complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque) is located on the Tekke St. at Silivrikapi Veledi Karabas a district of Istanbul. Address: Mevlanakapi Mh. 34104 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.008047, 28.923743 Latitude: 41°0′28.97″N (41.008047) Longitude: 28°55′25.47″E (28.923743) Date Of Construction: 1453-1457 Who built: …

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Baklali Kemaleddin Mosque

Baklalı Kemalettin Camii - Baklali Kemalettin Mosque

The mosque between Aksaray Bazaar and Kucuk Langa was constructed in 1520. The chapel which was constructed upon the order of Baklaci Kemaleddin after the conquest derives its name from the same man. Address: Aksaray Mh. 34096 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.007560, 28.950927 Latitude: 41°0′27.22″N (41.00756) Longitude: 28°57′3.34″E (28.950927) Date …

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Arpacilar Mosque

Arpacılar Camii - Arpacilar Mosque

HH. Sheikh Mehmet Geylani and HH. Ali Geylani who attended conquest of Istanbul had this mosque built that is also known as “Masjid of Sheikh Mehmed Geylani,” and “Maslid of Bursa” in the first years after the conquest. Address: Rüstem Pasa Mh. 34116 Fatih / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.016476, 28.973154 Latitude: …

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Altay Mosque

Altay Camii - Altay Mosque

Sheikh al Islam Debbagzade Mehmed Effendi had Altay Mosque built in the year 1670. In some sources it is said that Debbagzade Mehmed Effendi did not have it rebuilt but supported the building by defraying the expanses of the mosque of which his grandfather Debbagzade Haci Hasan Effendi was the …

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Ahmet Cavus Mosque

Ahmet Çavuş Camii - Ahmet Cavus Mosque

Being one of the renowned architects who contributed the Ottoman architecture, Ahmet Pasa, matured in the company of the period’s head architects of the State Academy. He became the minister responsible from waterlines in 1595. Address: Beycegiz Mah. Lodos Sk No:4 Fatih Merkez / Istanbul Coordinate: 41.026213, 28.942523 Latitude: 41°1′34.37″N …

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