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Semsi Ahmet Pasha Mosque

Şemsi Ahmet Paşa Camii - Semsi Ahmet Pasha Mosque

Semsi Ahmet Pasha Mosque With is interesting position right by the seashore, its mass effectand composition, Sinan was able to create an original Kulliye (religious architecural complex) design, specifically adapted to the seashore. Despite its small size, the mosque has a remarkable appearance, with its adjacent mausoleum the courtyard according …

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Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar

Mihrimah Sultan Camii - Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar History Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar: Ordered by the daughter of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, it is part of a complex which is masterfully integrated into a sloping site which reaches down to the sea shore and includes a madrasah, a guesthouse, a refection hail, a primary school …

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Atik Valide Mosque

Atik Valide Camii - Atik Valide Mosque

Atik Valide Mosque (Nurbanu Sultan) Atil Valide Mosque: Here too, protruding mihrab is covered by a semidome, as in the case of the Molla Çelebi and Semiz Ali Pasha Mosques. The building was widened, perhaps by Davud Aga in 1583, with the addition of twe domes on each side of …

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