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Cebecibaşı Camii - Cebecibasi Mosque
Cebecibaşı Camii - Cebecibasi Mosque

Cebecibasi Mosque

The mosque, which is on Cebecibasi Mescidi Street, was built upon the order of Cebecibasi Sucaaddin Aga who was the commander of a military division during the reign of Bayezid II (1447-1512).

Balat Mh.
34083 Fatih / Istanbul

41.027287, 28.949004
Latitude: 41°1′38.23″N (41.027287)
Longitude: 28°56′56.41″E (28.949004)

Date Of Construction: 1488

Who built: Cebecibaşi Sücaddin Effendi

Renovations: 1974

The Minaret: 1

How Many m²: 224 m²

How Many People: 250

The mosque, which corroded within time, was restored by Seyyid Aga, an Aga in Istanbul, in 1843. In the place of the mosque which was collapsed in 1945 different structures were built.

The little mosque which was rebuilt in concrete form is in Hatip Muslihiddin parish of Carşamba locality. In the close distance is Fethiye Mosque and Museum which was used as Greek Patriarchate and converted into mosque by Murad III toward the end of the 16th century.

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