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Hoca Üveyz Camii - Hoca Uveyz Mosque
Hoca Üveyz Camii - Hoca Uveyz Mosque

Hoca Uveyz Mosque

It was built for Haci Uveys bin Kayser at the end of 15th century. Haci Uveys bin Kayser’s, who lived during the sultanate of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, being the benefactor of the mosque is understood from the Foundation records.

Aksemseddin Mh.
34091 Fatih / Istanbul

41.020340, 28.944400
Latitude: 41°1′13.22″N (41.02034)
Longitude: 28°56′39.84″E (28.9444)

Date Of Construction: 1494

Who built: Hoca Uveys

Renovations: 2007

The Minaret: 1

Although sometimes he is confused with Hoca Uveys Pasha, the benefactor of the mosque is Haci Uveys bin Kayser. Its minbar was built for Ahmet Aga of Bosnia who was an agha of Saade gate. It was completely destroyed in the Great Fire of Istanbul together with the tomb of Cesnigir Osman Aga which is next to it.

The mosque and the tomb were rebuilt in line with their original condition in 1992 by the Foundation of Hirka-i Şerif. Hoca Uveys Mosque has an oblong design with a tiled roof. Its minaret is of plate stones with a single balcony. Its mihrab and half of its inner walls are decorated with Kutahya encaustic tiles. Its minbar, rostrum and back sections are made of wood. In its threshold there is a well widening downcast. A cultural centre is built under the mosque that serves with various art and science courses.

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