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Mesih Ali Paşa Camii - Mesih Ali Pasha Mosque
Mesih Ali Paşa Camii - Mesih Ali Pasha Mosque

Mesih Ali Pasha Mosque

Mesih Ali Pasha Mosque History

Mesih Ali Pasha Mosque: Its bearing structure is octagonal. It was built in the later part of Sinan’s life and does not correspond to any of Sinan’s usual plants, so that many consider it to be the work of Architect Davud Agha. A two-storied gallery was added on each side of the nave, the lower part of which is isolated from the nave, forming a separate section.

Hirkai Şerif Mh.
34091 Fatih / Istanbul

Latitude: 41°1’19.61¨N (41.022115)
Longitude: 28°56’37.01¨E (28.943615)

Date Of Construction: 1585-1586

Who built: Sadrazam Mesih Mehmet Ali Pasa

Renovations: 1935

Architect: Mimar Sinan

Architecture: Ottoman

The Minaret: 1

How Many m²: 700m²

The upper part, on the other hand, opens up through the arches. As a result, the interior space widens towards the top, as can also be seen in the Edirne-Selimiye Mosque. This creates a very special interior lighting effect. The decorative tiles and the marble minber (pulpit) are interesting.

The courtyard, the commissioner’s open-sky grave and the double portico for the late comers, with its tall granite columns, make you feel you are in a very special place.

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